“I truly believe we can overwhelm the darkness of this world by shining something brighter and more beautiful.” — Shane Claiborne, The Irresistible Revolution

abbie powers, colby kansas

I am an installation, performance and video artist working primarily in silk, the female figure, movement and video projection.  Hand-dyed expanses of silk reference the sublimity of the natural world, the intimacy of the figure, and the evanescence of our breath. The figure communicates through modern dance movement while video projection brings to life painted and sculpted works.

Silk forms suspended from the ceiling reference clouds, flowers, and underwater environments, as well as an intimate connection to the female figure. The suspended installation pieces are manipulated by either a machine or the viewer, activating both the art piece and the surrounding environment.

I also use my body as material, staging a performance or creating a video in which I interact with a set of materials, often including sound. This allows me to provide the viewer with a deeper level of interaction that involves several senses.

Fostering creative conversation has afforded me the opportunity of collaboration with several artists, stretching me as an artist, as well as allowing me to explore materials and ways of working on a level for which I had not yet had the opportunity. This openness to the creative process has allowed for intensive personal artistic growth.

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