Falling up : watch the process

Reception: November 7, 5-8 pm : The Fishbowl, Artworks Loveland, 310 Railroad Ave

This is where things get exciting:

falling up installation art abbie r powers, silk

sun drenched silk in the studio…

It’s been a great installation process these past few days (I’ve had plenty of help!) and the sun makes things quite cheery in the studio. I’m working on an interactive silk installation art piece in a window-front studio that belongs to Denny Haskew in the heart of downtown Loveland, Colorado. A total of 240 feet of silk is suspended from hundreds of points on the ceiling to create this piece.

falling up installation art by abbie powers, silk

Angela Canada Hopkins uses monofilament to suspend points of silk from the ceiling for this interactive silk installation art piece…

And finally, a photo of the installation that’s a little more complete. I’ll be working on lighting this evening as soon as the sun goes down – the display area has huge beautiful windows and we hope to light the piece so you can see it glowing at night from the street!

falling up installation art made of silk by abbie powers

We emptied out Studio 117 (belonging to sculptor and painter Denny Haskew) and filled it floor to ceiling with silk!

 Don’t forget to join us at the RECEPTION from 5-8 pm tomorrow night (Nov 7)!