wash [when the waters rise] the ocean inside: Kickstarter Campaign

Gallery 970 color sketch for wash [when the waters rise] the ocean inside

Gallery 970 color sketch for wash [when the waters rise] the ocean inside

It’s official! I’ve launched my first ever Kickstarter Campaign titled wash [when the waters rise] the ocean inside.

I’ve been invited to exhibit at Gallery 970 here in Loveland at a show titled s p a c e. It’s coming up in about one month…so I have a lot of work ahead of me!

The Project: suspending an ombre dyed blue silk ocean at approximately 4.5 feet from the floor to horizontally bisect an entire room in the gallery. The room has two doors and viewers will be able to visually access the space from outside the room and, if they so choose, they are welcome to crouch, crawl or lie on the floor underneath the silk, providing a alternate experience within a gallery setting. The installation will use 230 square feet of silk and will fit snugly into a 150 square foot room. The entire piece will be suspended from a custom made and fit suspension system, which will be engineered and fabricated in my studio and then brought to the site.

Kickstarter, what?!:  Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site that helps creatives get the funding necessary to launch their projects (and their dreams!). I’ve created a page full of information about the project, posted several photographs of my recently created silk art, posted a video detailing the project, and listed several rewards for “backers” of my project. If you are so enthused by my vision that you want to get involved in supporting the ever-important cultural-research that I do on a daily basis…choose a reward level that suits you and then get ready for the real fun! One catch, Kickstarter is all or nothing, so if I don’t reach my goal in the next 18 days, I don’t receive any of the funding that people have pledged (and there are already a few early bird backers!).

Check out a short blurb from the Kickstarter Campaign:

Funding for this project will go directly to the production of this silk ocean installation art piece. By supporting this project, you are taking a stand for all artists everywhere, communicating to our culture that artists are professionals too and deserve to be compensated for the ever important cultural research they do on a daily basis, often without pay and out of the generosity of their own time and energy. Let’s take a stand together and watch the silk ocean rise…

And last but not least…the video abut the project: 


If this piques your interest, head on over to my Kickstarter page and read even more about this project. Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!