Performance Installation, temporary silk, movement and music

I had the honor of presenting a performance installation back in May, and oh was it fun.

pouring out [when the water flows] Abbie R Powers

The monofilament above the silk is attached to a suspension system hanging 10 feet below the actual ceiling.

The setting: The Embassy Suites Conference room.

Timing: The silk installation had to go up Thursday night, the performance was Friday evening, and the silk installation had to come down Friday night…and oh yea, the ceiling was 26 feet high!

Event: A cocktail party to celebrate the artists and sponsors of the Governor’s Art Show.

Performance: I staged two twenty minute modern dance inspired movement sessions to the tune of a concert pianist in a reverse-marionette style visual show in which I activated the suspended silk pieces using my figure and movements.

I designed the piece and the suspension system in my studio. Then I cut, stitched and dyed the silk piece. Next I fabricated the suspension system and then hung the silk from this system. Next, I packaged the silk/suspension system contraption (it was really akward) and delivered it to the conference room. Then, I put on a full-body harness to ride the scissor lift (they provided an operator) to install and remove the silk piece.

Here is a quick video of the installation process:

pouring out [when the water flows] Abbie R Powers

This image only shows about 1/3 of the room and tables…the space was large and full of people and fun!

pouring out [when the water flows] Abbie R Powers

The metal rings in my hand each control one section of the silk installation piece.

And last but not least, a video of the formal practice session the morning of the performance installation!