allowing (the space for) passion

Hello Friends near and far. I have been on a journey. I have been absent from writing.

After much time spent on honing skills that add to the sum of my persona, I have returned to the studio with the purpose of allowing a thread to be followed. I have set my intention to allow myself the space to breathe, the space to feel, the space to attempt new processes, the space to fail greatly, and the space to feel the full passion that overwhelms my being when the beauty of what I’ve created resonates with something deep inside of me.

I have, for several years now, been incubating a new body of work that feels vast, yet as if I’ve long held it as an old friend. Completing this first piece, the ancient one, has my awakened in me that deep passion that comes with the knowledge of creating the work that I was made to create. My soul is singing and I am delighted.

the ancient one
hand-colored silk and encaustic on panel

This new body of work consists of hand-colored silk adhered to panel using encaustic wax. The wax is then layered over the silk to add depth to the layers of color. The forms are derived from interpretations of cloud forms, wave structures, and the ever present layers of the mountains that I am so fortunate to see on a daily basis.

I am ecstatic to have this work stretch out in front of me and look forward to allowing it the time and space it needs. Also, I will return to writing more frequently, my absence was quite long. I hope that the week treats you all well.