cedar collection

It’s official!

I have been working hard this summer to put together a new collection of hand-carved cedar earrings to share with the world!

I am so very excited to share these with all of you! The earring shapes are hand-drawn on the wood, cut, hand-formed on a power sander, and then lovingly sanded by hand to a butter-smooth finish. Next, a watercolor wash using dyes made for cellulose fibers is painted onto the surface. After the color dries, each piece is dipped in a hot wax mixture made from beeswax and damar resin, a natural hardener, and then hand polished to a satin smooth finish. Finally, copper and brass accents join sterling silver ear wires to create each pair.

These little gems are small sculptures that can be worn everyday!

Please visit my online shop to see the entire collection.
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