I was. I am. I will be.

winter solace (midnight)

What does it mean for the soul to fly?

set wheels on the long runway of Nebraska

knee deep in the grasslands

gain wind over the high prairie

rise on the thermals where the prairie gives way to the foothills

hear the whispers of the ancients rise out 

of the layer upon layer of rock

launch skyward where the mountains kiss sky

allow clouds to soothe soul

lift spirit

finally, truly, feel oneself

the storm

sky breath (billows) 36”x36” $3000

Where to begin?

storm clouds gather 24”x12” $1200

I want to say covid f***ed some things up. And surely it did.

that which rises from this place 58”x28”$3400

But in all honesty, covid allowed a time of reflection on all that has been lying under the surface…waiting to be addressed.

in the swell (of the night) 8”x36” $1200

Liminal is a space of transition.

feeling the ancients 20”x16” $1200

I am fully in that space.

the night

the ghost (of what was, what is, what will be) 60”x12” $3000

And if we are all honest with ourselves, we are all in that space: deciding what feeds the soul, letting go of that which does not feed our souls.

taking flight 14”x11” $800

I feel as if the way the foothills pile up on themselves, each layer revealing and hiding a new reality every day, shows an intense generosity.

midnight (ebony, ink) 40”x32” $3000

I lose myself daily in the beauty of that landscape.

fissures 31”x6.5” $800
the night gives 24”x12” $1200
what valley is this 7”x5” $300
shadows (of the night) 7”x5” $300
dreams of silence (the mind shifts in the night) 12”x12” $800
ocher earth (the mother provides) 16”x12” $1000

the winter

these silver hills (ashes, ashes) 12”x8” $600

This body of work captures my interpretation of that changing, elusive space, a space that is the transition point between the flatlands of the prairie of my youth, and the soaring heights of the mountaintops that represent the life I choose to fashion for myself moving forward.

becoming (allowing, rising) 20”x10” $1100
slow shift (the rise, the fall) 72”x12” $3100

I was.

the mist (rising) 8”x10” $600

I am.

winter solace (midnight) 84”x12” $3200

I will be.

if these mountains were ocean waves (the tumult of the sea) 48”x12” $2600
eventide 36”x12” $2200

All works in this exhibition are silk encaustic on panel. Each silk piece is hand-dyed and then adhered to panel using encaustic wax medium. This body of work was inspired by the ever-changing beauty that the foothills of Colorado offer.

Liminal comes from the latin “limen” – threshold. Liminal space is a place of transition. The foothills I live near are the physical place of transition from the high prairie to the mountains.

This exhibition has become my own exploration of what it means to be a human in transition during a time when the entire world is occupying a liminal space (culturally, economically, physically, emotionally, the list goes on).

The exhibition can be viewed in person at Artworks Center for Contemporary Art, located at 310 N Railroad Ave, Loveland, CO, through July 25. Please contact the gallery at info@artworksloveland.org or call 970-663-5555 to purchase artwork from this exhibition, or to make appointments to view the work (for groups larger than 4). https://www.artworksloveland.org/covid

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